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Has anyone had any luck cancelling this now-useless card? I signed up primarily for the sign-up bonus, and now that the accrual rate is so poor, I want to cancel it.

Their overseas call-centre is giving me the runaround - twice now I've gone in circles and ended up keeping the card for 15,000 bonus qf points. 

I really want out - is there an easy way?


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Ask for a settlement figure, 

once paid, write them a letter (so you have your butt covered), Stating you have destroyed the card want it closed, and you will not acknowledge any further fees on it as you've paid the quoted settlement. 


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I cancelled my Citi Qantas Visa Signature card just 2 weeks ago by calling them. Got the usual "Is there anything we can do?" type questions but a firm "no" got it done within about 5mins.


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i cancelled mine a few weeks ago too - had to speak to a customer service manager and was put through - who then tried to convince me to stay etc - but a firm no thanks and i want to leave and all was sorted - not the easiest to cancel though!

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