Express Path on arrival.

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What is the point?  Are airlines paying for this (non-existent) privilege? I have never had a fast-track/express/premium pass honoured on arrival into SYD, so why do Qantas et al even bother handing them out?


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I can see it being potentially useful at immigration for passengers without access to e-Gates, but apart from that, completely agree that it's useless. SYD T1 is pretty much just the red/green lanes now. The signage for Express Path is pretty much decoration at this stage.


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In Brisbane, they have a separate express pass line which joins the front of the green declare lane so I guess it can be useful depending on the airport.

I've found VA has only really been handing them out to Business and Platinum on board now whereas they use to hand it to Silver and above at check-in.


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It is certainly worthwhile in MEL: usually gets you in a MUCH shorter line for customs checking.


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Useless if you can use e-gate, a godsend if you can't. When I travel with my daughter I am always glad I have it.


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Found it good for mums with kids or elderly - waiting in those long lines can be tough.

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