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  • Parents gotta fly. I first flew F at 4 months old. Apparently I was an angel. Didn't experience anything other than F until I was 13. Apparently I was amazing on every occasion. Tip: if anyone gets grumbly, point them to the noise cancelling headphones in the in-flight shopping mag: if you're...

  • Originally Posted by brettepi let's throw in a sauna and steam room too Finnair Premium Lounge @ HEL. You're welcome!

  • I'm in for a flaming no doubt: how about limiting lounge access to those actually travelling in Business or First, regardless of status? Give high-status folk flying Y admission to the Plaza Premium lounge or similar...or a Burger King voucher.

  • Express Path on arrival.

    Aug 19, 2017, 06:22 AM

    What is the point?  Are airlines paying for this (non-existent) privilege? I have never had a fast-track/express/premium pass honoured on arrival into SYD, so why do Qantas et al even bother handing them out?

  • Has anyone checked in for an international flight at Qantas First / Platinum+ check-in since the latest security step-up: if so, should I be getting there earlier than my usual 1&1/2 hours pre-departure?

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