Upgrades to Virgin Catering?

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Back in July, Ausbt ran an exclusive story that Virgin were upgrading their catering domestically in both classes and that an announcement was due by the end of August. Is this still happening because I have eaten all the bite size Carmens muesli bars I care to.

Victor G

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I was thinking this myself last week.  I found the story you were referring to and I think the wording was that more details were expected by the end of August.  Perhaps they are still trying to decide if they will give us one slice of cucumber or two in our minature sandwich.


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it is in train as we speak. Catering have advised crew that it will happen soon.


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Its already happening. On a flight to Canberra today we were given Mainland cheese and crackers instead of the old cardboard wrapped in plastic. The crew noted it was new and that more was coming.

It's still not stunning, but it's an improvement.


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I did VA1211 on Saturday morning 16Sep17, still the bite size carmem & water poured from the bottle. 


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VA Flight this morning MEL to SYDNEY

Offered sliced apples and a large museli bar. Quite nice to have something fresh for a change

Also did a survey a few weeks ago about whether I would prepay order from a large selection of meals on a flight as well.

Victor G

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No discernible improvement on the routes I have flown in the past two weeks. I flew BNE-MEL at 1655 hours yesterday and received a cookie. For a 2hr 20min flight at dinner time that's a pretty paltry offering.


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Returning from Melb on Saturday 1pm, we had a fresh celery dip with some kind of cracker. I was ready to pay $5 for cheese and crackers and this was more than equal. So it looks like some things are changing!

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