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I tried to book a flight yesterday on Virgin only to discover my Platinum Velocity account suspended. I have subsequently found out it was suspended on the 1st September for an 'audit' to 'protect me'. PR garbage. In fact I wasn't notified and three calls now to Virgins overseas call centre yesterday and I am none the wiser as to why or when it will come off suspension. Now I understand something may be compromised, but giving me no further information as to why or when it will be enabled again is very poor in my view. Also,11 now 12 days for an audit? Has anyone else had thishappen with virtually no information or contact from Virgin?


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I think there have been few people in here who have had the audit. Either a transfer from someone else to you (family pooling) or you redeeming a ticket using points for someone else may have triggered this. With so many companies using points to sell cheaper business class tickets, it is completely understandable why they want to audit. 11-12 days is a little too much though. I would expect 2-3 business days. Tweet them/facebook them to express your displeasure. If you are platinum, call the platinum desk. 


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Thanks for the heads up. Oddly enough, no transfers etc as you suggest in fact no travel on Virgin for some time. I called twice yesterday to all departments and same story. Could tell me nothing. However late today I tweeted and got someoneat VA interested, provided my details and they said expect a call. Its not the audit ( other than taking so long) its the lack of info and specifics around the whole thing. My company gets audited in less time than


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Any update on this? I'm very curious as to what's happened..


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The same thing happened to me. My account was suspended on 1 Sept and I called twice to find out why and was told that my account was being audited and they could give me no further information, and that I would be contacted by the audit team "within 30 days". 

Yesterday I received a call with further details. They said that Velocity had been alerted to "suspicious activity" on my account and they suspended the account for my protection. My password and PIN was reset over the phone and the suspension is now lifted. It's interesting that this took 2 weeks to resolve, presumably they had to carry out checks to ensure the person who compromised the account had not made any transactions using the points? 
No further details provided were provided by Velocity as the type of suspicious activity that caused the suspension. 

I don't have family pooling and the only way I can transfer points out of my account is to a linked Krisflyer account (which is in my full name and same date of birth).


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Now 2 days since @VirginAustralia took interest, took details and said someone will call. No call as at PM 14th Sep. Interesting read below. Same experience, same nonsense rave about protecting me, but the lack of communication from Virgin is absolutely terrible CRM.


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Mine was suspended too on Sept 12 was OS   Called today   no info available on how long process/audit takes


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Had a call from Virgin and an email getting me to change my PIN and Password. That is done and back up and operating. I have to say it coul dhave been handled a lot better. Anyway....... 


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I had a similar experience, but different. I had a credit with Virgin Australia a few years ago due to a flight cancellation and this credit was accessed and used by a third party without my knowing. This mystery passenger was based overseas. The credit was refunded to me after a lengthy investigation, but shows the integrity of their system is compromised.

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