• It might be the biggest changes in 32 years but there have been plenty along the way. Qantas have for years perfected the FF double whammy to the point its an art form. Devalue the currency (points) and inflate the earning rate. Beautiful. Fancifull if you believe you are going to be better off ...

  • This is the same airport that shortly after Alan became CEO was provided NO international flights out of Perth by Qantas

  • It misses two vitals. Privacy and my own space. Who wants to look at everyone else in the cabin? Plus having to get out of the seat for the bed to be made...what?....and then when in bed mode its absolutely flat and no recline choice at all. Bite the bullet AirNZ..it's a dud. Admit it and move on...

  • The Lounge you decide to use in Bangkok is usually determined by the departure gate for your flight. If my flight is leaving from C7..there is no way I will go to the Eve Air or SIN lounge down near E concourse and vice versa...but it's great to have a choice of a number of lounges just the same ...

  • Great to see Qantas has very good fuel hedging in place because so too are the fuel charges. Implemented when fuel was 100% more many years ago, gouging customers still the norm at Qantas.

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  • I had the option of UA 787 or Qantas A380 LAX to SYD last month. From the dedicated lounge at LAX to the aircraft seating, to the service and food generally, I'll take UA again anytime. Very impressed.

  • I booked PE to LAX next April and there were NO seats taken at all on that flight in Business(Expert Flyer) . Yet after I booked PE and asked to upgrade, the reply was 'allocation exhausted' which I took to mean not released yet, so I duly went waiting List. So over time seats were filled and sti...

  • Qantas and One World becoming a joke

    Jul 18, 2018, 04:59 PM

    Qantas never stop devaluing your FF benefits...they just keep chipping away...The most disloyal of the Qantas FF loyalty program is..... Qantas!!!

  • Velocity Account suspended

    Sep 15, 2017, 05:00 PM

    Had a call from Virgin and an email getting me to change my PIN and Password. That is done and back up and operating. I have to say it coul dhave been handled a lot better. Anyway....... 

  • Velocity Account suspended

    Sep 14, 2017, 07:25 PM

    Now 2 days since @VirginAustralia took interest, took details and said someone will call. No call as at PM 14th Sep. Interesting read below. Same experience, same nonsense rave about protecting me, but the lack of communication from Virgin is absolutely terrible CRM.

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