Platinum retained in Discount Economy

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I'm quietly celebrating a personal achievement this week as I've retained Qantas Platinum status whilst almost always flying Discount Economy.  Five hour flights to/from Perth earning 20 status credits at a time. 

Platinum would not be any kind of status to crow about (a bit of a joke really) if I was to fly Flex Economy or Business like many on this forum seem to do. 

I often wonder what the Flight Attendants are really thinking with their "welcome back"  to Economy for those of us frequent business travellers who take a Platinum ticket down the back.  Road warriors or cheap skates.


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Well done Mark. I qualified last week for Platinum for the first time with all my travel in economy class. Have done a few overseas trips - US and NZ. I am getting a welcome back from the flight attendants. Do have some international travel coming up so am looking forward to the First Class Lounge in Sydney.



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I too just reached platinum on economy travel but I cheated a little by using double status for one flight and flexible fares for at least on one direction on US and Europe trips. At adds about 10% to the fare while greatly increasing the chances of upgrades (with fewer points) which are nice and good to have at least in one direction on those 14+ hr sectors.


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Mark, nice work, it's a long, slow way to reach Platinum down the back hanging onto the tailplane.

I also reached Platinum many years ago, down the back of the plane flying discount economy and continue to maintain P status...the slight cheat was/is that I live in a regional centre and had the additional flight before flying to PER, ADL, BNE etc with the extra 10 SCs each way.

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