Quick question about lounge access for a Gold Frequent Flyer.

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Quick question about lounge access for a Gold Frequent Flyer. The info says that lounge access is allowed for one guest and they must be travelling with the member. What do they mean by travelling together? Do the tickets have to be booked at the same time on the same credit card? I'm travelling with a friend but we booked separately - does this mean I can't take him in the lounge? Hope this makes sense!


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If you're on the same flight, it doesn't matter how you bought them.


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I've actually guested in somebody travelling on a different Qantas flight that same day, although I have a feeling that's not how it's supposed to happen!


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It depends which airline and which lounge. For example, Qantas Gold FF members can take any guest (does not need to be travelling) into the domestic lounge, but the guest needs to be travelling for International. I don't think it matters whether you booked together - I suspect the 'condition' is more because your guest would need to be travelling in order to get through security to GET TO the international lounge. Hope this helps.


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Yep. Same flight officially, although rarely checked/enforced (apart from the International lounges)


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As long as you are on the same plane, you should be safe. Doesnt need to be same booking ref, credit card etc. on domestic flights i have guested people that havent been travelling - it shows they arent terribly strict - sometimes just depends on how particular the lounge staff are.


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As AirportAddict says, it all depends on the Lounge staff.  I am a QC member and had no problem guesting a friend flying on a different QF international flight ex Brisbane.


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I'm a plat. flyer and have to admit i've guested someone who hasn't even been flying, and was just at the airport to see me off... it really depends on the lounge staff.


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Qantas seem much easier lounges to access domestically as they don't insist on seeing boaading passes or scanning ff cards. All it takes domestically is a nod or to say he/she is with me and they usually just smile and wave you in. Virgin always check, so not as easy to get in if you're not flying, although they have never bothered about whether my guest is flying when I have gone in, just me as the member. 

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