New US Security measures

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Can someone tell me what is involved with the new US measures - does it take long to complete the security quiz? Do I need to be at the airport earlier than my usual 2hrs prior to take-off?


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I have not noticed any additional requirements. I have flown back to the US twice in the past 3 weeks. Nothing new to note.

2 hours prior to your flight you will be absolutely fine. I usually arrive no more than 1.5hrs.

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They ask you a few questions - nothing too invasive - where are you going, why, where are staying, what do you do for work. Some people have said it takes about 3 to 5 mins.


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Am currently in the USA right now. Travelled internationally from Paris (CDG) to Dallas (DFW) two days ago. No need to arrive earlier. The process was Business Class check-in desk, agent asked a few questions about my resident city, reason for trip etc. All very 'conversational' and if you didn't know, you would mistake it as friendly banter. Domestic travel in the US has been similar.


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I have answered my own question: I flew Air Canada via Vancouver to New York last week.

I checked in using their app although it can't produce a boarding pass for the iPhone wallet: you need to attend the desk.
Questions asked on the app were: holiday, business, emigrating?; did I have ESTA (for the USA)?
At BNE there were no questions but the staff checked that I had ESTA and eTA, the Canadian equivalent.
Then at Vancouver you go through pre-clearance with USA Immigration: they again asked the same questions. NOt too grumpy; took 1 minute.
Long walk through YVR but smooth and no hold-ups, then on to the YVR >EWR plane. Landed at EWR and straight out like a domestic flight.
Return: Security only at EWR (shoes off, <100ml liquids); Immigration at VYR is automatic, using ePassport and touch screen. Then smile at the agent. Through to the lounge. Sorted. (AC app produced boarding passes but not allowed at YVR - needed to see desk).

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