Airportr - anyone tried it?

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I'm travelling into and out of London relatively regularly and have come across a company called Airportr who can pick up and deliver luggage to and from the airport to the hotel. Has anyone used these guys before and if so what has your experience been?

30 pound seems pretty pricey but it's an interesting service...


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Yes I used it in September, travelling from Heathrow to Hamburg.

Great experience.

I got them to pick up from my home three items: golf clubs, one large suitcase, one smaller bag. Very friendly guy that picked up the bags. Needed to show him my ID and my boarding pass. He then affixed tamper evident tags to my bags and took them away. Got an email within about an hour saying they had reached their depot. Then got an email the next morning saying they had been checked into my flight. Arrived at Hamburg later that day and my bags were on the carousel.

On my return to Heathrow, I needed to check them in at Hamburg, collect at the baggage carousel at Heathrow, then I dropped them off with Airportr in the departure level at Heathrow. Again a very friendly rep met me (after having texted me when my flight landed to say where to meet). I arrived late in the evening and the bags were delivered to my home the next day.

All in all well worth the price when travelling with a lot of luggage.

Probably a bit of overkill if it was just for one bag. But I had my golf clubs, large suitcase and another bag. So it was nice to be able to jump on the Heathrow Express with just my hand luggage (both ways).

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Yes used twice. Once when had a number of suitcases and the other when I did a day trip and needed to store suitcase. Normally I would catch tube or more difficult Uber.


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Aside from the posting in relation to baggage handling at LHR, can members suggest a preference airline flying from LHR to NYC with OW, with BA or AA in F.
I have flown F with AA out of Sydney to LAX and was OK but have no experience with BA.
Suggestions welcome.


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can members suggest a preference airline flying from LHR to NYC with OW, with BA or AA in F.

I've not flown First Class on either (only Business) but one crucial factor (for me) is that AA has in-flight wi-fi and BA doesn't. In-flight wi-fi is very high on my priority list for a flight of more than 4 hours.

If you fly BA First you'll get to access the Concorde Room at Heathrow (there's an Ausbt article about recent improvements to the Concorde Room).

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I've done both BA and AA

AA business seat is so much better than BA business seat and it has WiFi. Awful cup of tea.
BA first class seat is similar to AA business class. Great cup of tea.

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