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First time poster but long time follower of these forums and I've been looking everywhere, but can't find any info on how many of the Emirates 777-300 will change from the angled business seats to the new version? We're on a flight from HKG-DXB-FCO in late September next year but after calling Emirates, at this stage they mentioned it'll be the older version.

We have an option of reducing transit times in HKG and jumping onto a Finnair flight, which is a totally lie flat seat. If Emirates do change their seats in time for September this may be worth a slightly longer transit time in HK, but we would hate to change to Finnair and to then see Emirates roll out their new seating in Sept ‘18.

Would anyone know if Emirates will be squeezing every last passenger they can onto the older seats or are there plans to change the 777-300 fleet before the new 777X launches?


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My understanding is that Emirates are only getting the new seats in factory fresh deliveries. They are not refitting their current 777 fleet. There would be a high chance you will get the angle lie flat seats. If you can, go elsewhere with a better product.


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Much better product on Finnair I'd say based on articles and reviews from this website. Isn't the new Emirates b777 J class layout still 2-3-2 config anyway?

Go finnair anyday.


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Emirates are putting the new 77W onto Brisbane and Perth next anyway and there only getting 9 versions of the new one anyway over the next few years.


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@hakkienen5- yep the new Emirates 777J is 2-3-2 but as it's just 2 of us, we booked the 2 seats closest to the window to avoid the coffin-like experience of the centre seats, and the jumping around.

@Grannular- thanks for the heads up on that. The hard product for Finnair does indeed looks superior (with Emirates lounge & in-flight service looking better vs FA). The net result for someone who values the seats/sleep over service looks like a change to FA now.

Thanks for the help.


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Fiinair without a doubt. EK 777 is below par both in terms of 2-3-2 layout and old technology 777.

A350 is 1-2-1 J layout and an awesome new aircraft in the A350, meaning MUCH quieter, better air quality (higher humidity) and lower cabin pressure altitude setting than any 777.


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The original article about Emirates new J, on this site, stated that all 777 from November 2016 delivery would have their updated fully flat beds. I think i found quite a few delivered since then - all from tail number A6-EPV onwards IIRC. I think the ones an the new business and the new first as well only had a few to be produced.

Curious if anyone can shed more light? Edit - updated, its A6-EPV onwards.

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