Jetgo E175 services to Singapore! Where to next?

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Jetgo are aquiring E175s to start Brisbane - Karratha - Singapore.

According to posts on other forums E175 lacks range for Brisbane - Karratha with full load so may stop in Alice Springs. This could work for them opening up Central Australia to Asian tourism!
Alic Springs could become a great hub for Jetgo if they started E175s from there to regional cities like Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart Townsville, and Newcastle.
How about Alice Springs- Canberra- Auckland Linking with flight from Singapore via Karratha?
Another route they should try is Kalgoolie- Adelaide - Hobart to Auckland.
What routes would you like to see them start?


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I would think with a large increase in Singapore presence in Townsville with new defence deals a Townsville service via Karratha could be viable, I would imagine that someone will get up a TSV - SIN service regardless in the next year or so.


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Wow I didn't see this coming at all.

Unless the price is the same as QF, SQ or EK then I can't see myself or anyone actually taking the route all the way from Brisbane to Singapore but I guess that's not what they're aiming for.

I also think Virgin would do quite well in a codeshare with JetGo just like Air North and Qantas. I would bring them more connecting passengers and also provide the incentive of points for travelers.


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I like JetGo, their ROK to OOL route has saved days of my life that would otherwise be spent in commute from BNE. I would love to see them codeshare with QF or VA.

BNE-KTA makes a lot of sense a lot of the time - the high number of FIFO workers from QLD should make it a reasonable success. I don’t think it will be so successful that they’ll constantly be pulling 100% load factors, so a stop in ASP may be unnecessary.

KTA-SIN I’m not so sure about, but when I lived in Port Hedland, it was nice to have Bali as an easier and cheaper getaway then Perth, so it may work.


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Look forward to anything out of NW Australia to Asia, with a FIFO workforce of Indonesians, flights in and out of NW WA can be problematic. I could never understand why Virgin stopped the feeder flights from Broome to Port Hedland for their Bali service at the same time as it changed from Charter to scheduled status and you could finally buy one way seats.

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