• Why is any of this surprising? Australians are the most risk averse nation in the world. If we can't manage a problem with leaf blowers or signage it's a crisis. Were just a shadow of the ANZAC spirit that all these obese, tattooed blobs march for today.  Tony Abbot hit the nail on the head ...

  • Alan should just ground all his regional services in Western Australia like he did with the Qantas fleet a few years ago. That will get our district napoleon to the table pretty quickly

  • The state is the party charging for the quarantine, Not sure the ATO would be interested in collecting the State's debts for them

  • Trying to work out what mechanism they could use to force a traveller to pay. It is governments choice to force the 14 day hotel stay. If a traveller refuses to sign that they will pay what are they going to do?

  • Hopefully the combined brainpower of all those engineers and $ 2 Billion will build a pedestrian overpass/underpass into the terminal. The existing congestion of pedestrians, cars, taxi’s and buses is seriously dumb for a newly upgraded terminal

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  • APEC Card - New Virtual Format

    May 05, 2021, 04:43 PM

    Interesting that Singapore Airlines list holders of APEC cards showing Indonesia on the back as being able to enter Indonesia at the moment. No mention of this in any of the official Indonesian govt releases or on Garuda's website. Will be entering via Soekarno Hatta in next 24 hrs so will try to...

  • If you are leaving Australia by WA and your airline requires a COVID PCR test result in the last 7 days like Garuda does, you must first see a WA doctor to obtain a pathology request form. Do not tell them you are fine and just need the test to get on a plane because WA's health laws say they can...

  • Sounds like a reasonable enough explanation but have you ever tried to resolve something with a banana airline where they need to pay you something back?Each of them will deliberately frustrate the process and you to the point it is usually cheaper to write off the fare and move on. That is why J...

  • Would anybody have any idea how to get to the skyteam people. Am Garuda platinum which is skyteam elite plus but whenever flying with Vietnam airlines am only in their system as elite so miss out on the lounge access. Just not sure how to correct this.

  • Ditto, have had the same problem with Malaysian as everybody else which is why I simply don't use them for any European long haul anymore.

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