Getting a COVID free certificate for international travel in WA

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If you are leaving Australia by WA and your airline requires a COVID PCR test result in the last 7 days like Garuda does, you must first see a WA doctor to obtain a pathology request form. Do not tell them you are fine and just need the test to get on a plane because WA's health laws say they cannot give you the test request if you have no symptoms. Nor can the private pathology provider test you. For those well versed in English there is an exemption process which was revealed after a day of effort and arguing with doctors. If English isn't your best language and you need to leave Australia, Well bad luck!

It is called a perverse outcome which only WA health bureaucrats could explain.



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It may be much easier to say you have a sore throat and go to a drive through test, as it is almost impossible for them to prove you don't as the definition of a sore throat is not very precise and we are being continually told to get tested even with the slightest sniffle. But then does a text message of negative count.

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