APEC Card - New Virtual Format

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Received this from the APEC Processing Centre -

For Australian citizens: from 1 March 2021 onwards Australia will issue the Virtual ABTC (VABTC) a digital version of the card accessible through a cardholder’s smart device. ​P​h​ysical cards will no longer be issued after this date.

Australian ABTC holders will be able to use the VABTC in place of any physical card they were previously issued. A physical card issued before 1 March 2021 can still be used until it expires, even if the holder has downloaded and registered their VABTC.

Australian citizens

  • who have a physical card issued before 1 March 2021


  • who have received initial ‘AUS’ approval and are waiting for other economy pre-clearances

are now able to log into the VABTC. The log in process requires your Application ID in addition to other personal details – your Application ID was provided on confirmation of your card application and is different from your ABTC card number. Please check the original acknowledgement email. If you applied online through ImmiAccount you can also log into ImmiAccount to find your Application ID. (We understand that the Virtual ABTC is currently geo-blocked outside APEC economies on the relevant App Stores.)

Please follow these links to find further information and Frequently Asked Questions about the VABTC:

Virtual APEC Business Travel Card FAQs for Australian Cardholders

Virtual ABTC FAQ for Cardholders (general information & tips for getting the most out of the VABTC)

The Virtual ABTC Quick Reference User Guide includes VABTC Download Instructions

Business Travel Card for Australian citizens (homeaffairs.gov.au)


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Just downloaded the app, set it up and up came my virtual APEC card. However, still can't travel anywhere!


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I have an existing card, and using the original application number was also able to set this up via the APP.

So all good there for those that would also like to use the APP and may already have a card.

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