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Gday guys

I was travelling out for MEL-SIN on 24/12 and hold a priority pass from Amex platinum

I went to provedore initially and they said their machine was “down” and therefore unable to process my meal.

I then went to movida and they said they don’t accept it as they haven’t received the priority pass machine.

Ummmm...what the?!

Has any of you guys had a similar experience or was I unlucky this time around?

Michael Kao

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Unlucky I'd say. I had similar experience with Bar Roma in BNE. The machine was down and they can't process PP. Nothing much you can do about it.


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That's weird. I've used my Priority Pass at Bar Pulpo (the Movida one) at Melbourne Airport in early December. They had a machine then. I would complain to Priority Pass. They should have a manual system if the machine is down.


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Can't help with those two, but Priority Pass have added Cafe Vue as a third option in Melbourne.


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They do have a manual system; it’s the same old chunky manual credit card swiping device with carbon paper from years gone by, though I know some staff were reluctant to use it probably because it doesn’t tap and go.

I suspect the PP places in Brisbane and Melbourne are going through what Sydney went through when it was first introduced - resistance and reluctance to use the new technology/deal/offering until they realise it’s an easy $36 sale each time the card is used. Nowadays they encourage spending the full allowance with take away coffee or dessert. It’s a bonus when a guest is dining on the card too!


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Oh well the priority pass lounge is currently under construction so those places wont get the extra business for much longer anyway...with customer service like that I say good riddens


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used Movida in Sydney a few weeks ago and the went to pay with PP and I was told the machine was down and I had to pay some other way. I told them PP was the only option and they reluctantly got a manual voucher out and filled it in - it can be done and they had a pile of vouchers

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