Help needed - EK or QF

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Actually posting on behalf of my partners father.
He is currently QF gold and EK gold status.
Has credit cards that earn on both programs. He is wanting to know whether to keep earning against both programs or focus on one solely
Typical year of travel for him looks like below
2 x Busns class Europe trips (Malta/LHR) - on EK metal
1 x Busns class China trip (On QF metal as coming from MEL)
3/4 x Economy trips to NZ (Used to be EK, but will have to be QF now as they have pulled flights)
Various domestic trips in economy on QF/JQ

His ultimate reason for points/status is to upgrade himself from Business to first on Europe trips and also his wife from economy/premium economy to business on these same trips

Is it worth him going for Platinum with one of the programs (Maybe QF as OW) or keeping it split up as he is now?

Any advice appreciated



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Worth going for Platinum with Qantas since with Qantas he cam also reach lifetime Gold.


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Chase status with Qantas.

Though for international upgrades, priority given to Platinum One (& their family members) first, followed by Platinum, Gold etc. So unless they are Platinum One, their family members (your partner's father's wife) will not be treated equally to him and thus not guaranteed an upgrade. Also flights on EK metal DO NOT qualify for points upgrades with Qantas, only QF and certain LATAM flights. Just read:

Having said that, being Platinum with Qantas opens up more Classic Flight Rewards seats so she can be booked on J class using points alone!


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He wants to sit in F while his wife sits in PE....LOL


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That’s what I was thinking as well,had to read it twice. LOL


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If the flight to Europe is on EK metal, you cant upgrade with QF points. You can only use points for booking award ticket under QF codeshares.

If upgrades are the goal, then QF points are not be suitable and he'd be better with EK.


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He wants to sit in F while his wife sits in Y (as EK doesn’t even have PY) ... LOL

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