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Hi Everyone,

Flying MEL to DRW soon. Just wondering if there is any way to know if the flight will have wifi? I know that the roll-out is continuing but trying to ascertain what my chances might be.

Thanks in advance


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I fly to Darwin regularly and havent had one yet, probably concentrating on the big cities first, be good when it does come in though, be handy on these long routes.


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Sadly the only way you can tell is if the 737 you are boarding has the hump. Unlike VA who load up flight plans 3 days in advance, QF don't do this so you can't use Flightradar24 or similiar apps to see the operating rego.

The past two days it's been operated by 737's with in-flight internet. But based on 23 jets in a fleet of 80 you have about a 1 in 4 chance.


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For what its worth I've tried it twice and both times it sucked...Ended up working offline


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technically, your chances of having it are exactly the same, about 1:4, whether you find out now or when you board.

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