Jetstar cancelling flights on the Singapore route

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Contrary to what people are suggesting, this isn't really a problem with Jetstar or low cost carriers in general - the cancellation rate of flights are actually roughly the same between Qantas and Jetstar (1.7% vs 1.9% respectively).

The "problem" is that you are booking flights 8 months in advance which increases the risk of a schedule change - simple as that. I booked ~30 flights last year 11 months in advance and I think the schedule changed on all but 5 of them with 9 being cancelled/moved to different days. Airlines change their schedule with the season and routes are constantly reevaluated - it's not like they're having mechanical problems or cancelling last minute - in both your examples you were given MONTHS of notice. The customer service of Jetstar seemed fine - put you on another flight or refund the money.

You're also prepaying for hotels which shouldn't be necessary - usually prepaid hotel rooms are discount non-refundable and you take that risk. Just put the money aside, book a flexible rate and pay at the hotel. Even with a non-refundable hotel booking, your travel insurance will cover the cost if the flight is moved to a different day.

Also, you think 20 minutes on hold at Qantas is a record? Hahahahahahha.

For future reference, Jetstar's contact numbers including all local numbers are available here:

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Whilst the cancellation rate might be similar, by flying with an airline like SQ who offer multiple daily flights (e.g. 4-5 to MEL) you have a much higher chance of being accomodated on another flight without any great impact to your trip.

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Its always funny how some (doubleplatinu grannular ) defend airlines that provide bad service. As customers we naturally demand a better and cheaper service whether it is a budget airline or a premium carrier.
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Not defending bad service at all, it all comes down to the old adage you get what you pay for. Expecting the same things from a carrier with a ticket half the price of others is just ludicrous not to mention naive.


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I'm personally a little surprised at some of the previous comments on this particular thread. As previous posters have pointed out, schedules for all airlines change on a seasonal basis (LCC, LCA, Full Service etc) and we need to live with that when booking months in advance. It is also pointed out that cancellation rates at JQ are statistically similar to QF and in line with others. The issue with JQ is often more than not how this is handled. However, some points are outside any airlines control.

A recent Reuters article (2 March 2018) reported on a number of substantial fee rises at SIN which take place effective July 01, 2018.

CAAS of Singapore is introducing a new airport development levy of S$10.80 for passengers beginning their trip in SIN and S$3.00 for those transiting. Effective July 01.

Changi Airport is also increasing the Services and Security fee from S$27.90 by S$2.50 per pax, effective in July. This fee will be further increased by another S$2.50 annually, after the July 2018 rise.

JQ's CEO Gareth Evans has indicated that these increases will represent a 15-20% increase in fares sold in the SIN market. "We are going to have to shift flights around because demand will change" he told Reuters.

I'm not a defender of Jetstar / Jetstar Asia, nor do I use them .. but the above reasons seem a little more specific than general 'bagging' of the carrier. And, let's face it, these factors will also have some effect on QF, SQ, BA, EK etc .. whether they absorb the increases, change prices or change schedules.

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