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Etihad are selling premium cabin bits and pieces including amenity kits, pajama's, etc.


Is this just a further budget direction, or something which other carriers should emulate?


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I think ancillary items such as champagne and pjs are great for economy cabins. I'm sure there would be a market for it and potentially money to be made on the items. I think more choice is great if it makes for a better experience. Meals are another huge opportunity with a la carte additional offers in economy. I would definitely pay more flying economy to get a better quality meal.


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I think it’s a good idea for economy but I do believe Etihad cancelled the PJs for business, not sure on the amenities kits which I disagree with.

Although when I was recently looking at return business to Paris they were considerably cheaper than other carriers even if PJs weren’t provided.


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I think I have two separate views on this, I like the idea of enhancing the economy experience, and I far prefer the idea of creating new elements that can be added to economy, as opposed to removing the ones you had and charging you to get them back. So amenity kits, pjs etc are a nice idea. A properly improved dining experience would also be a big plus.

That said, my other view especially for EY is that this is a sad move that only continues to devalue the exclusivity of business class by stripping components and making them available at a price to anyone . Which will certainly have some short term financial gain for the airline but in the medium and long term is will hurt the reputation of the brand.


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$50 bucks for a pair of crappy PJ’s that I used to get for free in EY J?

Tell ‘em they’re dreaming!



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Yes you're right on EY cutting the PJ's in Business being tight, Daryl Kerrigan agrees. in the last few years I've been a bit of an odd chop and done the BYO in the PJ's. 'Now why would you do that?'. Quite simply routine. Peter Alexander (hello sailor) does some very good PJ's in a light material that is easy to pack, easy to wear and light to wash. I wear them in Bus & First rather than the ones offered. Works well.


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Airlines have a two sizes fits all approach so my body would burst out of pj's inflight - not a pretty sight !!!


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Who cares?


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Another reason why I moved to Qatar


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Offering such items to passengers sounds like a good concept. Even trying to establish such needs before departure would be great to ensure there is no extra weight being flown around the globe. I used to take the PJ's with me, however, the overall quality was so poor that I just leave them behind, which seems such a waste. Why call them PJ's anyway? Isn't there a better design airlines could come up with along with enhanced quality? A hoody style top would be so much better and how about some decent pillows. It would make an interesting survey to check consumers feelings on which airline supplies the best quality in flight suits.

Wearing in flight suits from a another carrier would generate some free marketing, maybe QF can offer some status credits for a consumer wearing the QF PJ's whilst flying another carrier....wouldn't that be interesting.


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Airline PJs massively oversized for many females but smallest size on offer better than nothing 😊

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