Qantas Customer Service Status Credit discretion.

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Does anyone have any experience with Qantas customer service having discretion to grant next Tier if you are short of obtaining and how far that discretion stretches?

Also would love to hear any tips or tricks to help push them in the right direction ;)



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Offers to retain status for points are what happens sometimes, but you can't count on that.

Unless you get a status challenge levelling up would require the full amount of SCs to obtain the higher tier.

If you make good use of bonus status credit promotions this helps with levelling up.

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They have used a rolling average over three years in the past. Not sure if they still do. So I you have a big year last year and a lean year his year then the averaging process can help. If you fall into that category then a phone call may help.

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Zero chance. Beg for a status challenge if desperate.

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The 3 year rolling average comping seems to be on the way out.

QF may offer you a status retain, but it will cost you a number of points (80k for SG, 120k for WP from memory).


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Have had status confirmed early for Plat in the distant past, have also submitted corp and personal travel plans as well. It will depend on how short you are of your target and how sincere and honest you are in your discussions...because 'they know'...!!!


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I just called on behalf of my mum and was flatly refused, when pushed, the lady said could send an email but that's it. Whilst I get that they have rules for a reason, we have missed it by 2 days, and I'm not expecting them to do anything about it (but hopeful they might), any tips on methods that could help sway?

I'm platinum so was hoping that might hold a little weight (very little, and I didnt mention this on the call) We have booked her upcoming trips on Qantas on the basis she would continue gold, she unfortunately booked this one and stuffed it up. Her trans tasman flight would get her over the line this weekend.

It is going to be a case of suck it up, but any strategies would be apprciate.d

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