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I am looking to book a flight from Brisbane to Mackay for my wife to travel up on Monday returning next Saturday and upon checking Virgin, I noticed the flight from Brisbane to Mackay was cheaper when loaded as a one way only $365, compared to the same leg being $394 when loaded as a return journey. Is this a fault with the virgin booking system or normal practice?


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I have noticed at times QF is the same, they seem to sometimes load the return leg at a higher rate than the outgoing leg, first noticed it when I went to book to bring family up from BNE and was going to return back to BNE with them as I had business down there, my outgoing leg was cheaper than their return leg on the same flight, my return leg was also more expensive, so I booked two one way fares in each direction.


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The Virgin booking system does that some times. You may find that the overall price of booking two one ways is the same as booking a return, as the return flight from Mackay may have a price difference the other way to make up the difference.

Compare booking as two one ways, versus booking a return.


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You'll find the return is the same or -$1 than the one way fares combined. An outdated system imo.

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