Flight cancellation on compassionate grounds when using a 3rd party online travel provider/aggregator

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I feel a serious discussion/changes needs to be made about consumer rights when it comes to refunds/travel credits/cancellations for compassionate reasons when booking a flight through an online 3rd party aggregator company.

I've recently had a 3 day back and forth discussion (sometimes heated) via phone & email with an online 3rd party flight aggregator company. I had to cancel my domestic flight on compassionate grounds. The 3rd party, after the carrier issued a cancellation (without charge) came back to me with an admin fee of $170 for the cancelled flight and offered a $50 travel credit to use with them. I have to say that this is a ludicrous policy.

Even though the flight wasn't a flexible fare and I didn't have travel insurance (I never usually do for domestic travel) the situation I found myself in was totally out of my control. I feel this kind of treatment of their customers at a time of much duress and emotional turmoil is bordering on cruel. I understand a business needs to make a profit, however, I also feel that consumer rights and customer care is also an important aspect for long term business relationships. I know that after the treatment I received from this 3rd party, I will never use this kind of service again.

Does anyone know if there is a leg for consumers to stand on in this regard?

Any experiences and advice would be very appreciated.

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when the airlines refund you, it's probably minus the commission they paid the travel agent. the airlines could potentially resell your seats but the agent won't get anything.

This is why I try to avoid using them even they have lower prices.


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People who choose not to purchase insurance and then seek to blame others when things go pear shaped gets no sympathy from me.

Buy insurance, then if the need arises, make a claim and get a refund. The alternative is to buy a fully flexible, fully refundable ticket.


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The agent did work making your initial booking (and gets paid by commission). The agent has to do more work to cancel the booking.

Should they be working for free?

It's generally all disclosed in the t&c


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While I don’t think any of us would have a leg to stand on in your position, I do believe this is a good opportunity to spread the not so good news and encourage your friends and family to stay away from 3P providers - particularly for domestic flights. The only way to get these guys to change the way they do business is to starve them of all business!



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Can't see the problem - money saved on not buying Travel Insurance, so the $170 is the payment in lieu



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OP, I am not going to comment about the situation you have faced requiring the cancellation of your flight, however the fact you have booked through a 3rd party and you haven't taken TI out, you aren't going to win a lot of sympathy here.

You will find that physical TA's may be the same in charging admin fees etc, hence why it may be worth booking direct with the airline if the trip is simple enough.

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