Virgin Australia website functionality?

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Virgin Australia website functionality? Does anyone know if Virgin Australia will be rolling out any further features/functinoality to their new website following the move to Sabre? Or is the current website going to be it? The inability to search and book multicity itineraries; and to also have at least domestic economy and business fares all in the one screen is annoying to say the least.


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I'm not sure if the website is fully funstional or it is an interim website until all the Sabre related quirks are ironed out. But, I agree, the inability to book multicity flights is a major downfall, as is the different fare classes being on separate searches. The old website was much more user friendly (even though it lacked the multicity aspect as well).


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The inability to change seating on the new website post booking or before check-in is disgraceful. If I want to book business one way and economy return I am charged double the booking fees. If I want to book open jaw, double the booking fees. Everytime I want to look up my bookings I have to reenter the UID and password... The staff on the Platinum line (if you can get through to them these days) tell me that they are working on it. Remember when our John Borghetti promised us consistency... why did they cut over knowing it was not up to the previous standard?


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The new Website has its pro's and cons.  And yes I think the frustrations are valid such as seat changing, booking in different classes etc.. But I am confident that things will get better and funtionality will improve. I would hate to think how big a job changing systems are. A good feature they have kept, and improved is when booking you can save into your outlook calendar, but now it only saves the actual flight times, before it blocked out a whole day. It's important that issues keep getting put up on sites like this tho, I guarantee Virgin have staff checking up on feedback, and if its consistant will do something about it.

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