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I'd be grateful for advice on how to maximise earning QF status credits on a return business class flight between Melbourne and London in August or September. Am indifferent about route (i.e. via MEL-PER-LHR or MEL-SYD-SIN-LHR, etc.), but would prefer to fly on either the A380 or B787-9 for the flat-bed business experience. Not being a frequent international traveller nor in the airline industry, hoping there's a reader who can help me short-circuit 4-5 hours of research time? Or should I look at what Virgin has to offer?


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Going via SYD is going to get you an extra 40SC each way compared with MEL-PER-LHR or MEL-SIN-LHR.

You do want to make sure you allow plenty of time to change in SYD (if possible) especially on the outbound part of your trip to allow for possible delays and that you'll need to get a free QF transfer bus (it's near one of the gates) to go from Domestic to International. When you get back to SYD from SIN after collecting your bag you can go to a transfer desk, drop of your bag for the flight to MEL and go on the transfer bus again.

In future if you can plan ahead it can be useful to book during a Double Status Credits promo or a 50% bonus status promo (check your email just in case you've received an offer before you book).

Don't forget for every 500 SC on QF up to 2000 SC you can take a loyalty bonus of 8000 points or 50 SC. Those SC count towards your lifetime tally.

If you were to do MEL-SYD-SIN-LHR-SIN-SYD-MEL on the cheapest business fares on a Double Status Credits offer you would get 1280 SC (or 1330 SC if you take your loyalty bonus as 50 SC) not far away from reaching Platinum (requires 1400 SC) from the one trip and more than what you'd need to retain Platinum (1200 SC) if you already have it.

On standard credits (which is presumably what you'll be doing) if you were to do MEL-SYD-SIN-LHR-SIN-SYD-MEL you'd get 640 SC (or 690 SC if you take your loyalty bonus as 50 SC) very close to what you'd need to level up to Gold status (700 SC) from just the one trip and more than what you'd need to retain Gold (600 SC) if you already have it.

If you have Platinum or above status (highly unlikely from what you've said) you can use the First Lounge in SYD. If not Platinum or above you can use Domestic Business in MEL and International Business in SYD. You can use the SIN QF lounge in SIN and you can use the QF lounge in LHR. If you have Platinum or above status I'd recommend trying the CX FLounge in LHR.

Going via BNE would earn even more than going via SYD (MEL-BNE earns more than MEL-SYD) but you would be on an A330 from BNE to SIN. The A330 seats are pretty similar to what's on the 787. Direct-aisle access for all Business passengers and lie flat.

There is a QANTAS earning points & status credits calculator you can use to look up the points & SC from various different options.

I'd probably search MEL-LHR and see which options come up for your preferred dates and similar dates around those.

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Maximum status credits can be obtained flying MEL>BNE>SIN>LHR which would give you 380 each way. However, depending on how important 15 SCs are to you, MEL>PER>LHR will net you 365 SC each way provided you pick a domestic PER flight first (e.g. QF475) opposed to flying QF9 all the way - it also means that you will avoid having two stops and reduces travel time by about 4 hours. Going via SYD would get you 355 in Flex J or up via SIN from MEL would net you 310. These are all in flex J but same logic applies to other fare classes.


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I'm not familiar with Qantas's upgrade timetable for the A380s, but you'll find the A330s have a better J experience (same as 787) than the Skybed on A380s. Also, A330s are less crowded during boarding and dump less people in the lounge. I wouldn't rule them out.

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Scold me if you want, but what I would do, and this is solely for the lounge experience, is to get the EK experience, direct from MEL.

At this stage, and probably for a while to come, flying EK with a QF code earns the same as flying a QF aircraft.

I have only ever had good memories, fly EK transtasman, this was prior to their 380 no long flying Au - NZ.

MEL QFi J lounge is the pits, but the EK lounge is very good, you can get off work early to get the flight to SIN, that departs about 18.00/19.00.

If you go via SYD, the SYD QFi lounge is good, but of course, the F lounges ares better.

EK does have a J lounge in SYD, so if you want, you could go MEL - SYD (dom) - SYD - BKK (int with the EK metal, but QF flight number), BKK - DXB - LHR.

Not cheap, but will let you see several cities on the way up.

I would definitely go EK just for the (a) lounge experience, and (b) the inflight bar.

EK J on the 380 (with a QF flight number), I can't fault it!

Granted EK SYD - BKK might be a 777.

If you do want the QF 380 via SYD, via SIN, I would overnight in SYD, to get the full usage of the SYD QFi J lounge!

I repeat, the MEL QFi J lounge is in the basement, and is artificially lit, with no views to the outside.

Transitting from SYD dom T3 to SYD int T1 is a pain, (even if MEL QF check in have given you a SYD - SIN BP) having to use the bus or train, the bus from the secure zone at gate 15 is not so bad, but you to contend with every tom, dic, dick, harry, etc.

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