Best jet . com booking travel cancelled 2 hrs after booking credit card charge

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Hi there

Interested in others experience and comments

I booked flights at 18:51 last night and best jet charged my card $3500 immediately. 2hrs later they sent me email saying seats were not available and booking had been cancelled and they would arrange credit immediately. This credit has still not appeared on my credit card 12 hrs later and I have had to book alternate flights. How can they get away with this, effectively somewhere in banking cyber space is my $3500 reducing my available credit by a substantial amount.

Anyone else experienced this with bestjet . com? Or other service issues?

Thanks. David


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Obviously a scam company - l got only1 hour wifi and paid for full flight and got the apology in the air and the refund when l landed!


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Bestjet isn't a scam company - I have successfully booked and flown a few international trips with them, on Qantas and Emirates.

However, they may have delays on their systems which means availability isn't real time. You could book a fare, they take your money, and find they can't actually provide you with those seats anymore. This is a questionable practice, but appears to be standard with a number of online travel agents.

With regards to your $3,500, even if they refunded it immediately, it often takes a few days for refunds to show up on a credit statement. That's an issue with our banking systems, and unfortunately is out of their control.

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