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in looking for one qantas business class seat to london, and can’t find a single one. I’m bronze, would it help me if i could ring up the ff service center and ask if they could do something?


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You may need to provide more info on when you are traveling to get sound advice. AU to the UK is always in demand and QF rewards are based on status.


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The key to securing reward seats on high-demand routes is flexibility. Would you be willing to use your Qantas points to fly Emirates, Cathay, Malaysian, Qatar etc? Are you willing to fly into Gatwick, Manchester or even Edinburgh or one of the continental European airports? How flexible are your dates? If you're QF bronze you'll find that most, if not all, of the premium reward seats on Qantas metal are taken by the higher-tier frequent flyers before they're released to everyone else, but you will have some other options if you're willing to be flexible with airlines, destinations and dates. My only other tip is that there always seems to be significantly more availability of award flights into Manchester than London, if you're willing to consider the airlines (eg. Emirates) that fly there.

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Look to the days when there are business class sale fares as that will be the days they are trying to fill the plane up.



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Calling won't do much unless you are flexible with that dates and airlines that you are willing to fly.

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