AKL-LAX Equipment upgrade

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Hi Everyone,

Do you think ANZ would upgrade their AKL-LAX equipment to their new aircrafts (dream liners) anytime soon?


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They mainly use the 777-300 due to the extra capacity it brings as their largest aircraft. I can’t see them putting smaller aircraft on one of their busiest routes.

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It’s one of their most popular routes so operating on their largest pane. the only plane swaps I’ve seen is between the 772 and 773. Nz1/2 is the flagship route with most capacity so they probably won’t change there. Nz5/6 is the secondary route and swaps to a 787 could be possible in the down season but I’m only speculating.



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With the issues the Dreamliners are causing NZ schedule wise currently, I highly doubt it


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Before they launched Houston, in the busy season they did a third daily AKL LAX run using the 787, but that doesn't exist anymore. It was also on the once weekly AKL RAR LAX (NZ18) service but that recently swapped onto a 772. So, probably not.


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Why would they want to? It would mean a loss of 69 seats on each flight.

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