Are Lingus lounge access via One World sapphire

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I’m traveling Aer Lingus from Gatwick to Dublin, but having some trouble understanding how Aer Lingus fits into the OneWorld framework for lounge access. As a Qantas platinum (OneWorld Emerald) am I able to access BA’s Gatwick lounge for an Aer Lingus flight?


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As Aer Lingus are not part of the oneworld alliance anymore (it’s now merely owned by IAG which also happens to own oneworld alliance members BA and IB) - so you wouldn’t get access to the BA lounges using your QFF membership card.

There were talks about them re-joining but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.


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Unless you have British airways, Iberia or are Lingus status, you are unable to access the lounge. Aer Lingus is not a Oneworld airline but owned by IAG which owns British airways and Iberia which are Oneworld airlines. As such, you can only get in with status from Aer Lingus partners such as BA and Iberia. It’s kind of like virgin Australia. Only lounge access with its own program or shareholders/partners like Singapore KrisFlyer.


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Aer Lingus (along with Level and Vueling) is essentially like Jetstar.

Owned by a oneworld member, but not part of it.


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As alansu, djtech and moa999 say above. The jetstar analogy is spot on. IAG have, I believe, rowed back from their previous desire to see Aer Lingus re-join oneworld, although they are integrated into the avios system, common to all IAG airlines. Obviously if you are ticketed in business class then you would be able to access the lounge. LGW has improved vastly in recent times, its actually not a bad airport to travel through now.

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