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Hello all. I'm just about to start some contract work for the Commonwealth and I'm looking for some advice. As some people would be aware, travel for the Federal Government is constrained by the "whole of Australian Government" (WoAG) system. This system seeks to reduce costs etc - which is all good. The body I am working for will be making flight bookings for me. Although I can't control the company they select, I hope that some will be with QANTAS - as I have P1 status with them. I understand that these flights do not accrue points - but do receive status credits. My question is this: The bookings will be in economy . If the flight does happen to be with QANTAS, can I use my personal points to upgrade to business? The people making the bookings have asked for my FF number, so I would assume that this is connected with the booking. I did read on the Finance page that upgrades are not allowed - but I wonder how strictly this is enforced. I also wonder if the bookings are made in a fare class that is not able to be upgraded. Any tips would be appreciated as this is new to me.


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You’d need to check if they require an original boarding pass as proof of travel. If so they’d definitely be able to see if you’ve upgraded if the system allows upgrade requests for that special fare class.

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Hi Mern, generally with government travel the class that's booked is the class you're permitted to travel in, although without knowing the rules and requirements around your particular job, it'd be hard to say, and it should go without saying that it's a question best-asked of your employer, not in an online forum.

It'd be one thing if your work trips actively earned points (in which case, to save money for the Commonwealth, you could opt to book a lower class than entitled and use points to upgrade to the class you're permitted to travel, or use points for an outright booking), although unfortunately the earning of points on WOAG fares is generally blocked, so that's not an avenue to explore.


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There is no restriction on using personal points to upgrade a WOAG fare. I've done it many times.

You are correct that the fare itself will not earn points, but will earn status credits.


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Agreed, normally no issue with upgrading with points, once your FF number is allocated to the booking reference just work it through the manage your booking and upgrade like you normally would, same as exit rows, no issues with these either.


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Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. Mviy: good suggestion re the boarding pass - I checked and they don't ask to see that. Thanks also to KateD and GBRGB. It seems to make sense that you could use your own points to upgrade and I don't see that it compromises the WoAG. The document I received from the specific agency does not mention upgrades (though, lots of other rules..) - it was only the central government finance site.


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Will receive status credits, probably for flexi. Will not receive points. Somehow lots and lots of Canberrans I know seem to have lots of AA points though. Hmmm.....

And yes, you can upgrade.


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If I am reading right I don’t think the poster was asking about the BA arrivals lounge. Rather use AA in T3 or go airside to T5 and use the departures lounge and showers there. And if I recall rightly there would be no eligibility to the BA T5 arrival lounge anyway. 

I personally would do the T5 option. That hour of the morning showers at T5 airside won’t be an issue. Just note they are not in the lounge rather they are opposite the entry to the First Class lounge (aka the Emerald lounge). I recently came in on BA16 which gets in at a similar time to QF9 and no problems getting a shower. Lounge did start to get busy quickly with the early morning Europe departures. 

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