• Tips for staying trim on the road

    Oct 08, 2018, 07:46 AM

    As Chris points out, this is largely a myth. Good explanation here" https://foodwatch.com.au/blog/carbs-sugars-and-fibres/item/does-skim-milk-have-more-sugar-than-full-fat-milk.html

  • "who hasn't seen a young Mum (bless her) struggling with a 1 year old, a snack pack, a nappy bag, a laptop, a purse and a stroller?"How would enforcing cabin baggage limits change this? Which of the above do you suggest your patronisingly described "young Mum" could do without? Are you goin...

  • Phone calls on planes? No. No. Just ... no. Oh my dog, no.

  • Oh, so that's why I can see those seats on the flight plan. Greyed out, mind you, me being humble Gold 'n all.

  • Fine, pedant. I should have said "they removed ALL the windows to the outside". A window into the terminal doesn't count. My point stands. They should have found a way to improve the experience for J without completely destroying it for those of us Golds who fly Y by necessity.

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  • Does anyone know the earliest I can check-in with luggage for the Emirates flight pm to Dubai? I travel so rarely these days I want to spend as long as possible enjoying the QF 1st lounge on probably my last opportunity as plat. :(

  • I am delighted to report that the "stupid little receipt" is gone! You can still have a paper boarding pass if you really want/need one, but most people now don't and in my experience the boarding process is faster and easier. Also gone (as far as I can tell) is the "stupid little tag" they w...

  • There is no restriction on using personal points to upgrade a WOAG fare. I've done it many times. You are correct that the fare itself will not earn points, but will earn status credits.

  • Filthy tray tables

    Oct 24, 2018, 01:49 PM

    Two words: hand sanitiser. I carry a mini-bottle with me at all times.

  • In air conference call

    Jul 18, 2018, 11:25 AM

    Seriously mate, the call can wait. Either you are not important (in which case it doesn't matter if you're on the call or not), or you're Very Very important (in which case they can move the to a time when you are available. Either way, an-flight conference call is just rude.

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