Did I see something about QF and Star Alliance Status matching?

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Good Morning all.

Just Returned from a long stint of ULH flying on QF and as A result my status has gone up to silver.
I am flying to Cairns on Wednesday Morning from MEL (Tulla) and was wondering If I there is any way I could gin access to the Virgin Domestic Lounge in Melbourne.

I am asking this as I am sure that I saw something posted on here recently that spoke of status matching between Star Alliance and QF

Thank you all so much in Advance


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These two points are mutually exclusive.

A) United run a status match program for gold and platinum though I don’t think they silver. (And usually takes more than 2 business days).
2) even if you did get status match to star alliance, you need gold or higher to access lounges. (I am also uncertain if you get into Virgin domestic lounge as Star Alliance. Henrus will know)
You could fork out $65 at the door wed morning but believe me, the coffee isn’t that phenomenal and there’s no booze til 11am. I’d grab a krispy kreme and an early morning beer from PJ’s instead.


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United and Air NZ offer status matching but that won't help you with Virgin. If Virgin decide to status match your silver you will get two free lounge passes but unlikely to do this for anything below gold. You could also get the Velocity platinum Amex which includes two free passes. Wednesday is probably a bit too tight to arrange any of the above in any case.


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You should have received two lounge passes for achieving silver with qantas. You can access the qantas club at Melbourne and also on the return. I bike all the status match programs are matching people with gold or higher, still won't do u much good in terms of lounge access with virgin.



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Virgin is not in STAR but for STAR Alliance there is an arrangement whereby Singapore Krisflyer Gold get access to Virgin lounges. Best option is to use the Melbourne airport cafe facilities and there are a few decent options around.


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Haha Brassy. Definitely no Star Alliance Gold access to Virgin lounges prior to Virgin Australia flights.

The only Virgin Australia lounge that Star Alliance Gold would have access to is the Canberra lounge when traveling on Singapore Airlines to Singapore (this is because the VA Lounge happens to be SQ's contract lounge for Star Gold card holders).


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I am a Qantas Platinum FF and will be flying with Lufthansa for 4 flights as part of a Business Class RTW deal (US-Europe-UK-Eur-Sin). Is it worth trying to get status matching from a Star Alliance airline?

Thanks for any advice

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