• Going there in 2 weeks...can't wait. Excited to try a few of these recommendations out.

  • Surprised you didn't include Christopher Ward watches, fabulous designs with great quality at a surprisingly reasonable price.

  • I think it unlikely that many first passengers will bother with the lounge, the first class suites are designed to accomodate two for dinner and/or drinks (although not super comfortable for the "visitor" ) if people really want to chat. I climbed the stairs a few times before, late at night, onl...

  • Great article Chris, I have learnt the hard way in the past that even though I am a QFF and always ensure the details are on my bookings, the flights do not always register when using other One World airlines. American Airlines are especially bad, very few of their flights show up automatically a...

  • I picked up my Bullitt edition recently, am delighted with it, a lot of car for the price and great fun!

  • I am a Qantas Platinum FF and will be flying with Lufthansa for 4 flights as part of a Business Class RTW deal (US-Europe-UK-Eur-Sin). Is it worth trying to get status matching from a Star Alliance airline?Thanks for any advice

  • I get these on a fairly regular basis (am Platinum FF) probably about one for every 5 flights (domestic and international) I do. I have asked to be contacted a couple of times in the past when I felt I had a reasonable gripe but heard nil. Still think it is worth supplying the feedback to them.So...

  • Missing status credits on QF

    Apr 17, 2019, 05:52 PM

    I had the same issue a few months ago. Got credited for HEL-LHR and the return but after a few weeks chased the LGA-HEL and HEL-HKG. Was a bit of a kerfuffle and had to reapply when the claim came back and was denied...no record of travel so I sent in a pic of my Boarding passes was then credited...

  • Qantas' miserly approach to upgrades

    Sep 24, 2018, 06:18 PM

    I am a 7 year Qantas Platinum and LTG, have never had a no-points upgrade from them but have been upgraded by British Airways (full flight) and Emirates (a couple of times once both me and my wife to First) they even upgraded my daughters from Economy to Business.

  • Finnair RTW

    Jun 20, 2018, 03:56 PM

    All booked, thanks for everyone's advice I can't believe the value, my ticket all in was just over $6k PER-SYD-DFW-LAG-HEL-LHR-HEL-HKG-PER