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Over the last 3-4 years, QF has constantly touted it's 'record customer satisfaction' levels in it's Annual Reports. Given an increase in dissatisfaction reports over the last 8-12 months reported on AUSBT, I am curious about the following.

For many years it was de-riguer for QF to hand out in-flight Customer Satisfaction surveys on international sectors to selected guests in their premium cabins. The process was reasonably intuitive and guest response/return levels high, due to the flight attendants check-back with the passenger in order to collect such surveys. I have not seen this type of survey used in quite a number of years.

Whilst the internet has afforded a new metric for processing 'Customer Service' feedback, one would have to think that the online reporting method of issues would sway more to the negative side, rather than the positive. A large number of people reporting negative experiences would be expected, rather than those experiencing positive or 'great' service ie: the old mantra of a pax with a negative experience will tell ~10 people, but a passenger experiencing good service generally reports less.

Question : POLL - What has been your recent experience with Customer Service surveys?

Poll: When were you last offered one on international?


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Every time I have flown QF mainline in recent history, I am sent an online survey to complete. I fill this out honestly, whether good or bad.


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I flew in from Singapore on Saturday morning and I had already received the email when I turned my phone on after landing. I always make the an effort to complete the survey and have found in the last six polls the majority of my feedback was positive.

On my most recent flight I took the A380 vs my preferred A330 and had to mark the survey down due to the over crowding in the Singapore lounge (walked out and went to BA lounge) and the difference in seat (felt like I was on a seesaw) and service on A380 (so slow for meals / drinks in business after takeoff).


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I've gotten a number of inflight surveys on CX and one on JL. Never on QF.


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I receive online surveys after almost 50% of my flights - some issues have been dealt with well internally and I have been offered a solution as quickly as the return leg. With other matters (eg., the inconsistent, often chaotic boarding process), there is rarely a response.


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Never get the online surveys despite being QFF Platinum for 20+ years. My wife (also platinum QFF) gets one on every flight. Makes a bit of a mockery of the QF customer satisfaction report.

Perhaps it was something I said??


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I get one basically every time.

The questions are stupid. On a scale of 1-10, based on your experience of [boarding]/[cabin crew]/[meal]/[whatever], how likely are you to recommend QF to a friend or colleague?

Sorry, but my friends and colleagues fly dozens of times a year and are perfectly capable of making up their own minds.


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I get these on a fairly regular basis (am Platinum FF) probably about one for every 5 flights (domestic and international) I do. I have asked to be contacted a couple of times in the past when I felt I had a reasonable gripe but heard nil. Still think it is worth supplying the feedback to them.

Some of the Qantas surveys are a bit strange asking how many return flights do you do per year. I am doing 3 x RTW this year and apparently this only qualifies as 3 return flights!


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I receive them each time when I fly both domestic and international QF route


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I get them every time and only ever use them to penalise Qantas on Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics when I miss out on a points upgrade to first while travelling for work.

The way they score execs on these measures is opaque so it's usually safest to go with a 3 when trying to convey negative feedback. Some corporates are sneakily removing outlier scores at the lower end of the range these days, particularly when NPS is tied to remuneration outcomes.

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