Missing status credits on QF

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i took BNE-SIN-HEL-LAX-BNE on QF, AY-AY and QF.

My Status credits on the first two sectors appeared within 4 days. (BNE-SIN, SIN-HEL).
However HEL-LAX has not appeared till date (2 weeks now)
I got the LAX-BNE status credits 2 hrs after i landed in BNE.
Is it normal for just one sector not to appear for 2 weeks?

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Being a Finnair flight I'd expect it to take longer. If your points haven't appeared after a month, I'd submit a manual claim.

(I'd suggest doing so sooner, but I've found that submitting a claim when points are already on their way ends up causing errors such as "flight already claimed", "no record of travel" and so on, with the flight eventually appearing in its own time: as by claiming for a flight that's already processing, the system spots a double-up and then gives an error, even though the points later follow with the same flight details.)


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I've got a similar situation. I took SYD-HKG-MAA-HKG-SYD on QF-CX-QF and SC for HKG-MAA-HKG hasn't landed yet. It's been 3 weeks since travel date. Also the DSC for the trip isn't credited yet.

Was going to ring the CC today


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I had the same issue a few months ago. Got credited for HEL-LHR and the return but after a few weeks chased the LGA-HEL and HEL-HKG. Was a bit of a kerfuffle and had to reapply when the claim came back and was denied...no record of travel so I sent in a pic of my Boarding passes was then credited no problem.

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