Points expiry: Etihad vs Singapore Airlines

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Hi all,

I posted this yesterday but I am not sure if it actually did post, after all. (Apologies if this is a repost.)

I will PAY for a business class ticket between London and Sydney.

I am a bit annoyed, though, at how quickly Etihad points expire... so I am now considering Singapore Airlines instead.

Can anyone suggest:

1. if there is a way around the fast expiry of Etihad points

2. which Star Alliance should I sign up to, so as to maximise the bang for the buck points-wise

3. any other insights on this Sing V Etihad dilemma...




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So if I'm understanding this correctly, you plan on buying a Singapore Airlines ticket between London and Sydney INSTEAD of Etihad Airways because of expiring miles.

1. There is no way around it since its a 'hard expiry' with no way to extend the date. If you have any expiring miles, a good way to burn them would be to redeem for domestic flights on Virgin Australia.

2. This could be an entirely new question in itself. Do you want to go for Star Alliance Gold status? Redeeming for flights within Australia? There are a few options. I would recommend you credit to Virgin Australia Velocity since that would give you the ability to redeem for domestic flights and easily achieve Gold or higher status. If you want a Star alliance program and you frequently travel in Business, I would suggest Asiana for quickly achieving status, United MileagePlus, ANA are just the top picks. If you normally fly in deep discount economy, Singapore Airlines would be your best option.

3. I actually think that Etihad Airways has a better hard product given that the seat is softer and you don't have to tuck your feet under a very tight corner. If you are crediting to Virgin Australia Velocity, they are both partners and earn at roughly the same rates. I would actually buy Etihad Airways if the prices are similar. My goal in Business class is to sleep and I sleep better on Etihad Airways. Their food and drinks aren't terrible either.


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Thanks - these are excellent insights!

And, yes, you're right: Virgin Australia would be a very good place to credit those miles.

I travel business on long haul flights but will travel less from now on - most likely twice a year on long haul. So, that would, based on your advice above, suggest Asiana is the airline to join for Star Alliance.

Yes, the prices are about the same. I have travelled Etihad Business on that route before, but never Singapore... so your appraisal is very useful - thanks again.

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