Qantas Digital Lounge pass - can allocate for multiple passengers?

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I've got two questions regarding Qantas Digital complimentary passes.

If there's a booking with my partner and I on it, can I allocate two lounge passes to the booking for each passenger - one to me and one to him?

Or is it better to have one pass transferred to him and one to me, and we both allocate them ourselves separately?

I'm about to get gifted two passes from a relative and don't want to make a mistake in transferring either both to me, or one to me and one to him.

Also one other question, would I be eligible to use the digital lounge passes in the Qantas London Lounge prior to QF8002 (Emirates operated flight) from London to Dubai?

It states 'QF flight number' so I think I am, but prefer someone with experience to let me know if the flight shows up as valid in the lounge pass online portal.

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I would get them allocated separately - one to you and one directly to your partner. That is what I do when I gift my unused passes to family. And yes you would be eligible to use the Qantas lounge in London for that flight, as it's a QF flight number, assuming the time of the flight matches up with the opening hours of the lounge.

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