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Has anyone ever purchased a oneway upgrade on departure with EK. it would be from Y to J?

Looking at the AM flight Mel/Dxb.


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as far as i know they dont do it - if you ask at checkin they quote the fare diff between current booking and upgrade - and it isnt worth it as full fare


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They offer them on some routes. It's a paid upgrade offered per sector and has some limitations. I often get offered them on CHC-SYD flights.

The rate is reasonable I think it was around $400 per person (for the CHC-SYD) however the limo service, lounge access and extra points aren't included in the deal. You're only likely to get them on flights with light loads and I've generally received them around 50-60 hours prior to departure.

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We were recently heading off BNE/DXB and received the upgrade offer via email 3-days out. We didn’t take it but then asked for the price at check-in which of course was considerably more and just now t worth it. With EK you can also enquire once onboard and the CSM will advise the cost which would probably make the price quoted at checkin look cheap. My t is wait for the email and grab it. But as another contributor noted, no lounge access, chauffeur, or additional points.


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Last month, I flew EK from SYD to DXB on Qantas points. On checking in, I asked about paying for an upgrade. I was told to ask when onboard. I did so, and was told the upgrade would cost US$2,200. I was happy to stay in Economy.


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I recommend you sign up for their Skywards mileage program-even if you don't plan on using it later- so you can also received the upgrade offer around 3 days out by email...As far as I can tell, they offer first to their mileage members FIRST, then go a second round offering any leftovers to the rest of the passengers.One one occasion, I hesitated on first offer, and 2 days later I received a second, cheaper offer for the same upgrade...that only happened once in 12 years!! Also, ( as I always ask just to compare) the on board upgrade is the straight y to j fare difference, so that is never a "deal".


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I always get an email on the EK 6am flight to upgrade to J. First time was S1100 next time it went up to $1500 that was just to Dubai on the way to Europe. Now always fly SQ in J.

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