Seizure of Carry-On Luggage

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I've been reading on another site about what seems to be an increasing trend in Europe for fully compliant carry-on to be taken from passengers at the gate and put into the hold. It seems to occur at certain airports rather than on any particular carriers (many travellers do mention BA but the site is UK-based) . AMS apparently heads the airports list. The reason being given is that the flight is full and there is not enough room in the cabin. If you won't hand it over you are denied boarding. This is even happening to passengers in business class, who are forced to board without their carry-on and then find plenty of overhead space in that part of the cabin. I certainly hope this trend does not extend to our part of the world but I wonder if any of you has had it happen in Australia. Perhaps the loathed procedures at the gate for weeding out non-compliant carry-on are actually helping us in this regard. .


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BA’s issue revolves around a carry on limit of 23kg but clearly not enough space to hold that. So for flights that are expected to be carry-on “heavy” ie lots of business travellers on short trips, they may enforce a limit. On a recent flight out of WAW my carry-on was weighed at check-in, the advice being that if it was over 10kg I would need to check it in (it was under). Not sure how BA handle travellers who online or app check-in as they wouldn’t find out that limit until they get to the gate.


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With our hand luggage both weight and size restricted much more so than BA and other European airlines, I don't think this problem will be as severe.


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Got my carryon bag taken off me (before boarding) at Doha, because it had liquids (alcohol). Then they checked it in. It was alcohol I didn’t buy at the airport but on my holiday when coming from Europe..

luckily everything came back in one piece.. 😊

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