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Anyone else use Award Wallet?


I signed up to the free version a while ago, after reading some scary stories about people having their FF accounts hacked and points stolen, but after a while I lost interest in the service... because there seemed to be a lag in Award Wallet being notified of my FF account activity, so I just figured it was a dud system.

However, my opinion changed today.
I received an alert from Award Wallet telling me that Qantas had changed my connecting flight in Brisbane, which means that I now have negative five minutes for an international transfer.
I called Qantas to try and get an answer, and they said that I would need to speak to the "3rd party booker" i.e. American Express travel voucher.
On calling Amex, they said: "Oh yeah, it looks like there is a change to your booking... we didn't notify you yet, because the team have not yet started on processing the batch of schedule changes for the month of April" - what does that mean? that Amex would have waited until March to alert me??? There is only one scheduled flight per week that I can take!

Luckily - Award Wallet gave me a timely update!
My opinion on the Award Wallet system is now vastly boosted.
I would be interested to hear if anyone else uses other aspects/functions of Award Wallet that they think are particularly useful???



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I use them, they are quite good and I pay for the yearly subscription - it's quite useful for keeping track, but it can fail with certain accounts quite a few times.


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TripCase or any other flight alert apps will usually get these notifications to you before the airline or travel agent does.


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Have not tried Tripcase... will take a look.


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I have used Award Wallet for a few years, with a paid annual subscription. But I find that Qantas no longer works due to the additional security checks they have progressively introduced at login. I can't imagine I am the only QFF user that is affected , but when I raised it with Award Wallet they said they don't have any open issues with Qantas, and when I raised it with Qantas, they said they don't ask the specific questions that AW is being asked whenever they try to login to capture my account, points and bookings.

Does anyone else have problems with QFF on Award Wallet?

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