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I wonder if upgrade requests are always guaranteed for P1s?

Are there any routes/ times where QF doesn’t offer upgrade seats from eco to business (not even to P1s), for example if business is fully sold out with revenue pax on eg heavy AUS-USA routes? Or does Qantas always block some seats for upgrades?

Any P1s here who experienced an unsuccessful upgrade request?

I’m just curious as P1 is within reach for me and guaranteed upgrades would definitely be a great perk for the next membership year.



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Nothing is guaranteed. My boss is P1 and has often missed out on upgrades to business on SYD<->LHR. That being said his success rate on other upgrades is quite good.


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People used to fly on QF9 MEL-DXB-LHR for the higher upgrade chance and the evening departure out of MEL suited some of them better too.

Now that MEL-SIN-LHR involves connecting to QF1 in SIN the upgrade chances would be pretty bad flying from MEL too.

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P1 here. I get them a lot more than I used to, but certainly not guaranteed. Often I'm trying for an upgrade from business to first on the Singapore leg. I'd say the move from platinum to P1 went up from a 1-in-4 success rate to 3-in-4.


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The only guarantees in this life are death and taxes.

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The only guarantees in this life are death and taxes.

And Qantas 'enhancements'.

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