United Business - which FF account should I use?

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I have an expensive business class trip from SYD to SFO on United whom I rarely use, and wondering which frequent flyer I should attach? I typically fly virgin domestic and Singapore or Cathay international.. Any help much appreciated


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It really depends how much your ticket costs and how you are going tI use your points. The most obtainable star alliance points is Singapore so you might consider that but they have a 3 year expiry. Also, united mileageplus earns based on the dollar spent so if it is a very expensive ticket, you'd earn more in united. United frequently has buy miles promos which are quite good so obtaining them is not an issue either. Choose the star alliance program that you are most likely to use and relatively easy to obtain and you'd be fine.


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Singapore if wanting to use the points as can be topped up from Velocity (1.55 to 1) or choose maybe Asiana or Turkish if you are going for status.

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