Lounge access on Oneworld codeshares

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This might be a silly question, and apologies in advance if it is.

Looking at booking flights from NRT to LAX through AA & JAL. I've got options of codeshares both ways (i.e. JL code on AA metal, AA code on JL metal). I'm OW Sapphire (QF Gold). Will I be able to access the JAL lounges at NRT, and AA lounge at LAX booked on an economy ticket? It's not something I'm particularly used to doing, so any guidance is greatly appreciated.
Additionally - will the codeshares earn QF points and SCs in line with the ticketing carrier earn rate?


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To my knowledge yes as both AA and JAL are oneworld members. May earn Qantas status credits and points too if the booking class class allows it - Qantas can be rather 'thrifty' though with partner airlines earning rates.


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You should be able to access lounges with your FF status. As long as your on oneworld flights you have access. Especially when traveling economy and relying on a different carriers status I would advise carrying your physical Qantas FF card. You shouldn’t need it. But I’ve been asked before and it’s bettwr to have it than not in those circumstances. In respect of SC’s etc, they can vary depending on carrier. You should be able to find the details on the Qantas website and together with your ticketing code and travel class workmout what you should get. Tip: keep the boarding passes until you’ve checked that they have credited to your account.


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Possibly the only time you'll hear this - but I was extremely impressed with the AA Lounge at NRT. The JAL lounges are good but often extremely crowded (even the first/OW Emerald). In contrast the AA lounge was peaceful (mid morning), with views and the best showers I've ever used in an airport lounge anywhere.

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