Sydney Qantas International Business Class Lounge Vs AMEX Lounge

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I'm Melbourne based flyer but will be flying JAL Business class on a Saturday morning in April (Syd-Nar). I know I have access to the Qantas business class lounge but I also have two passes to the AMEX lounge. Is it worth visiting both lounges or should I just head to one and secure some seats? I'm assuming a Saturday morning at Sydney airport will be extremely busy. Traveling with my wife who has told me she is really only interested in the lounge that has the best breakfast!


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The AMEX lounge is very small and often very crowded.

Honestly if you want the best brekky, go find a restaurant or cafe and then to the Qantas lounge to relax.


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Neither lounge has a comparable breakfast to what you could get for under $25 at a cafe, so I concur with PCHammond

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And don't forget, if you have Priority Pass then that breakfast could be 'free' (one lounge visit = $36 of dining credit at participating outlets).


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I flew from Sydney last week ( qantas in first) and had a 7 hour delay. To pass the time I visited the business lounge. I was stunned, it was overcrowded with poor food, dirty floors and numerous people appeared to be there solely for the free alcohol. I concur find a nice bistro and treat yourself to Breckie


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The Amex lounge is really really small. Like your lounge room small. I had to sit on a tiny stool for 1/2 hour till a couch came up. And the food was basic. Qantas is a lot better (although I agree, for food, special).

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