Using KrisFlyer: issues booking Bangkok-Hong Kong with Thai Airways

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I am trying to book an award flight BKK-HKG (or vice versa, one way ticket) with KrisFlyer but it will not display any flight. Just says the flight is backtracking. I have tried multiple dates.

Any reasons for this?


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Hi, i got the same message trying to book ADL-SIN-DPS-SIN-ADL on redemption. Although flights were displayed for non redemption bookings. Not sure why.


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I've found the Singapore Air website to be a little flaky lately. Sometimes the app is a little better, and sometimes the mobile website has worked better as well. You always have the option of filling out and emailing a "Partner Airline Request Form", or calling KrisFlyer. I've needed to do both over the past couple of weeks, and in each case I easily got the reward flights I was after.

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Its because SIN and HGK are both east of BKK, equates to it being a longtintudal "backtrack" trip and under the reward booking rules counts as not as in not flying in one direction because you step back. Its so miniscule and stupid but thats the reason why generally and has been like this for years on KF awards

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