Qantas WiFi on international flights?

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Hi all,

If I am traveling on a wifi equipped QF aircraft to a international port, will the wifi work all the way? Say SDY - DPS on a 737, or even a A330.


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Qantas WIFI is currently provided by NBNCO Skymuster satellites. You will have WIFI within Australia if your plane is WIFI enabled and running. Keep in mind that sydney to bali is run on a mix of A332 and A333. I think only 1 A332 is actually running WIFI. Even though others have it installed.

Or at least, that was the case not so recently


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From my experience flying internationally, even if the aircraft is WiFi equipped, flying over Australia, the WiFi doesn't work. Have others had different experiences?


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I was on a Sydney-Noumea Qantas flight a few months back, the jet was a WiFi-equipped Boeing 737 but we were told there'd be no WiFi even while we in Australia (inc on the ground and during the near-Sydney portions of the flight).


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I was on a recent Sydney to Melbourne flight with a Wi-Fi equipped aircraft. I could not get it to work and neither could one of the flight attendants who was trying to help. It worked for some of the other passengers though.

Clearly some improvements are needed.


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flying over Australia, the WiFi doesn't work

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