Cathay Pacific Silver MPC Lounge Confusion

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I've recently hit Silver with Cathay Pacific/MPC which includes the benefit of Lounge access before CX/KA flights. I realise that I'll have access to Cathays own lounges before my flights, though does anyone know if I'll get access to contract lounges in airports that Cathay don't operate their own lounge?

The CX website states "Cathay Pacific and Cathay Business Class Lounges: Available only to members departing on flights marketed but not necessarily operated by Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon."

The heading on that makes me unsure and I have a flight out of ICN in Economy next week where CX use a contract lounge.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You will have ALL lounge accesses (excluding f lounge) , as long as the lounge is the designated one referring to the cx website, when you are on a cx metal or even cx codeshared metal as an mpc silver member. It is a confusion when most people can hardly figure it out until they are upgraded to silver.

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Great, thank you for that. I thought that would be the case but wanted to make sure. Great news!

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