Qatar Airways QR909 Sydney check-in times

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As Qatar has a late afternoon(QR907) and late evening departure(QR909) out of Sydney each day, would you be able to check-in for QR909 during QR907 check-in? Does the Check-in counter stay open after 907 departs until 909?

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QR907 departs SYD at 3.45pm, QR909 departs SYD at 9.15pm so three hours before that is 6.15pm. So this is a good question, it's not like Cathay Pacific where some flights overlap, but those few hours are not a really long break but I can't imagine staff being paid to sit there and do nothing for the first two hours. I think your best bet is to contact Qatar via Twitter or call their Sydney office. But I would only bother with early checkin for QR909 if you have QFF Platinum status because only the first class lounge is worth spending extra time in.

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