Qantas business class upgrade – changing seat assignments

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I was very happy to get a text this morning that I was being granted an upgrade to business on QF1 tomorrow. This is the first time in ages that this has happened, so I literally did a happy dance to the coffee machine.

I logged in to see if a seat had been assigned, and it had. Seat Guru showed it as amber, and as it happened, there was a 'better' seat on offer, so I nabbed it.

My question is, will my seat change stick? I am platinum with a preference for a window seat on file, but they didn't automatically assign me the window seat that I nabbed. Will their original upgrade seat overrule my change? Or can I relax at least a little?

First world problem, I know...


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You should be fine.


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If you logged in and changed the seat, that will be your allocated seat. Everything is subject to change, but you should be fine:)


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As the others have said, I have changed seats after being upgraded and I have always had my chosen seat.


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One of the first things I do after getting an upgrade is to login and to see what seat I’ve been assigned and possibly move to a free better seat. Different people have different tastes.


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Thanks for all your replies.
That's good news that I have a better than even chance of getting the seat I chose. But as TJS said, everything is subject to change :-)



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You’ll be fine. I’ve never had a seat choice reversed after an upgrade.

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