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Emirates and NZ...my partner and I are flying Y, EK to NZ and we're QF Platinum and Gold. Does anyone know if we can use premium check-in and lounges in MEL and AKL because of our QF status?


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I believe you can use the premium check-in (but that's not stated clearly on their web site).

You're definitely allowed to use the Qantas lounges in Australia - and because you're platinum, you're allowed to use the First lounge at MEL: http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/lounge-locations/melbourne/international-t2/international-first-lounge/global/en

The QF website doesn't mention eligibility to the First lounge at Auckland on EK flight numbers - you may want to ask Qantas themselves about that.

I can't find any info about the Emirates lounge at AKL re. Qantas Frequent Flyers.


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As Trans-Tasman Services have not yet been approved by relevant NZ authorities, i don't think you'll be able to use the EK servies as of yet.


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I think not, as the ACCC has not approved EK-QF codeshare on Tasman routes...I think I remember reading that you can only use the EK Lounge if travelling in J or F on flights to NZ. However if you were flying north (ie: DXB), then you can travel in Y, but due to your Platinum Status, you can use the EK Lounge.


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You shouldn't have any problems with Qantas (or Emirates) lounge access in MEL if you show your boarding card and QFF card, but I'm not sure regarding check-in. The Qantas desk mightn't be able to process an all-EK booking, but you should be able to access the Emirates' premium check-in desks.

AKL is tricker, since the list of regions where reciprocal access applies doesn't list New Zealand. I'm not sure if that's a deliberate exclusion or if NZ is implied under the 'Australia' banner, since the codeshare agreement that is pending approval by the NZ government shouldn't have any impact on lounge deals. I would have thought that reciprocal access should apply, but you might want to check with Qantas since it's not specified either way.

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